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DARM Workshop

Thank you for joining our workshop at DARM.

Please Copy or download any data document you use. 

You are welcome to copy any document into the data folders. If you need any help please ask a facilitator.

  • Guiding Questions (For Beginner Workshop)

    • How can we go about answering this question?

      • What data do we need?

      • What do we need to calculate?

    • What data in the data sets might be useful to answering my question

      • Who in my group has experience with any of these data sets?

      • Who in my group is good at investigating new data sets?

    • Where do we want to collect/collate the data we find useful

    • How do we combine this data to show what we are trying to show

    • For Beginner Workshop: The goal is not necessarily to produce a product answering your question but to explore the data, determine what data would be useful and determining how to format, manipulate and combine that data.

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